Who We Are

The District is owned and operated by the Lynnwood Public Facilities District. We are continuing our investments in the Lynnwood market to make a positive impact on the city and bring inspiring new development to Lynnwood and surrounding communities. In developing a hotel, food and beverage and other amenities we will create a wide variety of good jobs and attract people from the region, state and beyond to The District. We’re excited about the immense opportunity this unique live, work and play destination will create.

Our Master Plan

A Road Map For Change

We are very excited to be working on our master plan. We will be updating our master plan and starting construction soon.

Vivian Dong

Position #2

Vivian Dong is a senior engineer with extensive expertise in technology, advertising, and finance. She is also the founder of Safe Lynnwood, a grassroots community organization composed of ordinary parents and residents deeply committed to enhancing the safety and well-being of Lynnwood city. Moreover, she serves as the Community Director for Asian Parents for Educational Excellence, an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the Asian immigrant community and the public education system. Having confronted the challenges of being an Asian immigrant herself, her primary motivation is to assist those facing similar circumstances, helping them overcome unique obstacles, fulfill their dreams, and find a comfortable place to call home in this community.

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