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The Lynnwood Public Facilities District plans to transform a 13-acre 1960’s era shopping mall that currently is home to the Lynnwood Event Center into a reimagined public square. Creating a downtown core for Lynnwood is a community priority identified in Lynnwood’s City Center Plan, as rapid growth continues with the Lynnwood light rail opening in 2024 and the ongoing expansion of Paine Field. The expanded Event Center and surrounding development will create a live/work/play environment to serve Snohomish County and the City of Lynnwood as part of our mission to increase economic impact and public benefit.



• Expanded Indoor/Outdoor Event Center
• Potential for future community disaster relief services
• Associated outdoor green for community use & festivals
• Hardscape areas for public programming with artist kiosks
• Pedestrian-oriented street for pop-up farmer’s markets/auto shows etc.
• Public promenade that connects to other downtown areas
• Commitment to local, homegrown retail
• Two privately developed residential & retail buildings
• 300-room full-service hotel, privately developed
• Public parking garage with Uber/Lyft locations
• All 13-acres will remain publically owned by The District

Emphasis on Community
Building & Tourism

The redevelopment will generate an estimated $12 million in new economic benefits with added City and county tax revenue. When completed, it will add approximately 200 permanent retail and hospitality jobs with an aim that some of those employees will be able to live in the new residential buildings, with affordably priced rents for our downtown workforce.

A centerpiece of the redevelopment is the expansion of the Event Center with an outdoor green lawn for year-round use such as summer concerts, family movies, a winter ice-skating rink, and everyday community at play. Flexible indoor flooring systems will allow the District to host over 200 public and private events such as conventions, banquets, cultural festivals, high school graduations, and much more.

Public streets around the Event Center are designed to be closed to host farmer’s markets, electrify expos, classic car shows and other community programming.

The collection of retail throughout the center will have an emphasis on home grown, local savors, sips, and wares curating a Pacific Northwest experience for residents and visitors.

A State-of-the-art Hotel

will serve as a companion to the Events Center in attracting more impactful conventions and adding 50,000 in new business, travel and leisure visitors to Downtown Lynnwood.


The District is currently in the pre-development phase, which includes identifying financing tools that can leverage significant private investment, infrastructure and transportation grants, and economic and tourism funds.

The District is working closely with the City of Lynnwood, Snohomish County, and our State Delegation to ensure that all financing tools are a coordinated approach that advances the City Center goals.

The proposed hotel, residential development and associated retail will be privately funded.

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Master Plan

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Vivian Dong

Position #2

Vivian Dong is a senior engineer with extensive expertise in technology, advertising, and finance. She is also the founder of Safe Lynnwood, a grassroots community organization composed of ordinary parents and residents deeply committed to enhancing the safety and well-being of Lynnwood city. Moreover, she serves as the Community Director for Asian Parents for Educational Excellence, an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the Asian immigrant community and the public education system. Having confronted the challenges of being an Asian immigrant herself, her primary motivation is to assist those facing similar circumstances, helping them overcome unique obstacles, fulfill their dreams, and find a comfortable place to call home in this community.

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