We are very excited to be working on our master plan. We will be updating our master plan and starting construction soon.

The District anticipates our future beautiful new development of arts and entertainment and culture, to serve people coming from out of town, as well as serve the people here in Lynnwood and its surrounding communities.

The master plan map on the right features a red dotted line. This is the current, and former Lynnwood Convention Center. The Lynnwood Convention Center is now the Lynnwood Event Center.

We are doubling the size of the previous Lynnwood Convention Center. Our construction plan is designed to create this beautiful Event Center with staging to host concerts, dog shows, comedy shows and much more!

One of the most exciting parts of our master plan for The District is the green space, notated by the yellow star on the map, where the doors will open up out of the back of the Event Center into a lovely green space for public events, indoor outdoor concerts, private events and weddings.

With the new development, we will need more parking. We will be developing a parking garage, notated by the green star on the map, to serve all the needs of the property.

It is important to The District to have a community that is welcoming to all. Our plan is to create a community that features all the great things that will make this place an exciting destination for locals and for people who come from out of town. This will include many types of businesses that will support our guests and our locals.

The District will be meeting a huge pressing need for a live/work/play development building, that will feature three hundred units of housing, a hundred and fifty units of housing in the building with the orange star and another hundred and fifty units of housing in the building with the blue star, on the map to the right.

The plan is also to have a full service hotel to serve all our guests who come to the Lynnwood Event Center. The hotel will be large enough to accommodate those using the Lynnwood Event Center, and for guests who come to the area to visit Lynnwood and its surrounding communities.

Each of these buildings is wrapped in retail and we are focusing on hyper local companies to build a fun, energetic vibe at The District.

In the middle of the new development at The District, will be a street to help everyone navigate the property. This street can also be closed off for street fairs, auto shows, and more.

There is so much coming to what we call the front door of the downtown core here in the heart of Lynnwood!

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