As we gear up to update and initiate construction, we envision a remarkable development that not only serves as an arts, entertainment, and cultural epicenter but also fosters a sense of belonging for people from near and far. With expanded facilities, green spaces, a parking garage, housing units, and a hotel, we’re creating an exciting hub for arts, entertainment, culture, and diversity. Our vibrant community will welcome both locals and visitors, and we’re committed to enhancing the Lynnwood experience!

The master plan map on the right features a red dotted line. This is the current, and former Lynnwood Convention Center. The Lynnwood Convention Center is now the Lynnwood Event Center.

We are doubling the size of the previous Lynnwood Convention Center. Our construction plan is designed to create this beautiful Event Center with staging to host concerts, dog shows, comedy shows and much more!

Multifamily Residential

The District will be meeting a huge pressing need for a live/work/play development building, that will feature three hundred units of housing, a hundred and fifty units of housing in the building with the orange star and another hundred and fifty units of housing in the building with the blue star, on the map to the right.

Green Space

One of the most exciting parts of our master plan for The District is the green space, notated by the green star on the map, where the doors will open up out of the back of the Event Center into a lovely green space for public events, indoor outdoor concerts, private events and weddings.


With the new development, we will need more parking. We will be developing a parking garage, notated by the yellow star on the map, to serve all the needs of the property.

...and More!

The plan is also to have a full service hotel to serve all our guests who come to the Lynnwood Event Center. The hotel will be large enough to accommodate those using the Lynnwood Event Center, and for guests who come to the area to visit Lynnwood and its surrounding communities.

Each of these buildings is wrapped in retail and we are focusing on hyper local companies to build a fun, energetic vibe at The District.

In the middle of the new development at The District, will be a street to help everyone navigate the property. This street can also be closed off for street fairs, auto shows, and more.

There is so much coming to what we call the front door of the downtown core here in the heart of Lynnwood!

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Chris Collier

Position #3

Chris Collier is a Washington State native. He received his BS in Information Technology from Central Washington University and a Master of Public Administration from The Evergreen State College. In large part thanks to his work at NASA with the Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, and later working for Governor Inslee in constituent services, he has lived far and wide from Washington DC to Texas, Arizona to Olympia, and all points in between, including time overseas. At the Alliance for Housing Affordability, Chris supports the member cities in understanding and responding to housing affordability. This includes data gathering and analytics, technical expertise, state and local policy, housing vouchers, presentations to councils, planning commissions and community, and more. He has worked as the AHA Program Manager since 2016.

Frank Percival

Position #2

Frank E Percival became the President / CEO of the Lynnwood Chamber of Commerce in January of 2024.

He previously served as the Executive Director of the Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals, a statewide trade organization representing thousands of licensed Washington State mortgage loan originators.

A Seattle native with over 30 years of experience as a leader in the mortgage industry, and decades of serving leadership & fundraising positions with organizations like the Greater Seattle Business Association, Lifelong (a Health Services Organization), WAMP, Pride Foundation, Habitat for Humanity – Snohomish, Compass House, and Leadership Tomorrow – Seattle.

Frank has been a resident of Lynnwood for the past 14 years, where he and his husband were fortunate to have found their “forever home” (in which they love to gather their 3 grown sons & their families – Washington State residents, all – as often as possible).

Frank is honored to represent businesses & professionals in his new role with the Lynnwood Chamber, and is dedicated to help foster a thriving community that exemplifies equality, equity, access & representation for all of our neighbors.

Vivian Dong

Position #2

Vivian Dong is a senior engineer with extensive expertise in technology, advertising, and finance. She is also the founder of Safe Lynnwood, a grassroots community organization composed of ordinary parents and residents deeply committed to enhancing the safety and well-being of Lynnwood city. Moreover, she serves as the Community Director for Asian Parents for Educational Excellence, an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the Asian immigrant community and the public education system. Having confronted the challenges of being an Asian immigrant herself, her primary motivation is to assist those facing similar circumstances, helping them overcome unique obstacles, fulfill their dreams, and find a comfortable place to call home in this community.

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